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Shocklach Oviatt

Shocklach Oviatt and District Parish History & Parish Council


This picturesque district of West Cheshire is situated east of the River Dee and in the close proximity of the Welsh border. The actual village of Shocklach is said to have derived its name from an old English term for Goblin Stream. The area contains a number of listed structures including the Grade I listed St Edith’s Anglican Church. Despite many alterations, the historic 12th century St Edith’s still retains ample structural evidence of its Norman origins, and there are suggestions of possible Viking connections. The village of Shocklach is also home to Shocklach C of E Primary School and an excellent local pub (The Bull). Further information on the school please click on the following link: Click here...

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Shocklach Oviatt and District Parish Council:

Shocklach Oviatt and District Parish traditionally incorporated the parishes of Caldecott, Church Shocklach, Horton-by-Malpas and Shocklach. However, the parishes have now been dissolved and amalgamated to form an encompassing parish known as ‘Shocklach Oviatt and District’. The Parish Council for Shocklach Oviatt and District consists of six local councillors who meet four times a year in the Shocklach Oviatt C of E Primary School. The agenda for meetings will be posted, prior to each meeting, on this website and the relevant notice boards. The resulting minutes will also be posted on this website and notice boards. Village residents are encouraged to contact their Parish Councillors with any issues pertaining to the parish. Contact details for each Parish Councillor can be found on the contacts page of this website. Please click here to view the contacts page